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Most of us want to make our mark in life somehow. There are few things more disheartening than the feeling that we’ve somehow not lived life to the full and, more to the point, that we’ve not left something of value in our wake – something that says, “i was here!”

There are those of us who feel a sense of horror at the thought that when the time comes to pop our clogs and shuffle off this mortal coil, the only testimony that will remain will be the memories that those closest to us will treasure, and a few faded photographs in a forgotten album.

So we try our utmost to make something lasting that will speak to future generations; tangible evidence that not only were we here, but that we were here with a purpose, that we made a difference and that the world is a better place…

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The “third age” is described as the period in the life course that occurs after retirement but prior to the onset of disability, revealing a period in which individuals have the capacity to remain actively engaged.

My first retirement was at 60. Five years ago I was all set to make an impact on the Internet.

Google says: About 5,490 results that’s in 5 years for pjfbncyl.com my unique handle on the Internet. There are 10m hits for Philip Finlay Bryan I come up with all the first 20 but Google is biased towards me. However I do have a presence on the net.

Scribd has 12k reads these are documents and books i have uploaded.

YouTube 79k views many of Second Life.

Blogs about 4k subscribers.

Running 50 generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs)

So for an individual I have made some impact. What hasn’t changed is that apart from my partner Storm and friend Steve I haven’t got any customers. So I have really given up. If someone stumbles across my “selling” domains like Personal Domains.net I will happily help them out. Might make the odd video advertising them.

I have new tech, a new very impressive high spec PC; a Windows smart phone and an Android tablet. You can read about it on Irish Secure.com . This was all possible because I received my pension on reaching 65 from the UK government. The Third Age. AND I have new glasses one for seeing outside one for my computer. The computer glasses are superb everything is so clear.

I have also stopped smoking after 40 years. I use e-cigarettes. Fantastic invention. It costs €18 for the kit which includes a battery charger. Batteries last up to 8 hours or so. I have two.

Below is a video I made with me vaping. I can be sooo serious sometimes:



The doctor says I have high cholesterol so i have radically changed my diet to a more healthy one. No more TV dinners. Lots of pro sterols; low fat milk, nuts, oats whole grains etc..

Research has shown that exercise of 200 minutes per week can help stimulate brain growth so I joined the gym where I exercise every day ‘cept Sundays ( I work in Second Life). I also swim. Still early days but i have a good routine designed by my personal trainer.

So at 65 I have radically changed my life I have always been Hi Tech and have reestablished myself with the latest technology, hard to beat my present set up.And I can see it all. I will get healthier as the toxins slowly leave my body. My brain will grow. Don’t see why I can’t look forward to another 20 years or more on this planet. One message seems to be “Use it or lose it” so I intend to use it. I will also do my best to assist others too. To this end I have set up Over60s.me

Oh did I tell you I’m having fun too?